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For those looking for a warm, friendly, fun, inspiring and photographically stimulating trip with exceptional people and one of the best landscape photographers anywhere, one need look no further.
— David Driman, Canada

R.Wood, UK

I have been on a number of photo trips with Rafael and Anca including Namibia, La Palma and recently Botswana. All the trips were wonderful, extraordinary…. Not only are they marvellously and imaginatively organised with every detail attended to, every place researched and every day full of interest and surprises but Rafael and Anca are the most gracious of hosts. Interesting, fun and relaxed.

Rafael is just the most accomplished and inspiring teacher. He brings a unique mix of the Technical (with his engineering background), the creative in his extraordinary approach to the making of photographs but also the spiritual which is most inspiring. I can see a huge development of my own photography pre and post Rafael and in-between, he and his wonderful wife Anca, have become firm and wonderfully supportive friends.  

I can only give them, unreservedly, the highest possible recommendation. These trips are the stuff of dreams and I have already booked for a new Namibia trip next year.

D. Driman, Canada

I have attended many photo-trips, tours and workshops over the years with a variety of professional photographers, and none is like a trip with Rafael and Anca, with whom I have now been on several trips.

Rafael and Anca go to interesting and beautiful locations, often those that are not necessarily on the typical “workshop circuit”. Groups are small and intimate and usually include repeat attenders, testament to the loyalty that Rafa and Anca inspire. The experience becomes less like a group of workshop attendees being shepherded to “the sites” to photograph, and much more like a group of friends going out to photograph. Rafa photographs on these trips which helps to encourage this feeling while allowing participants to see what he is seeing and what technique he is using. At the same time, Rafa is always in communication with his fellow photographers, helping them develop a composition, discussing a technical issue, or saying something witty. Anca also photographs and does a wonderful job of ensuring that all participants are kept well fed and hydrated, and keeping track of a variety of logistical issues. There is always much humour and fun to be had on these travels.

For those looking for a warm, friendly, fun, inspiring and photographically stimulating trip with exceptional people and one of the best landscape photographers anywhere, one need look no further.

R. Friedrich, Switzerland

To join Rafael and Anca Rojas in one of their workshops or photo trips means entering into a different, very special world. My wife and I have done this on quite a number of occasions and we have come out of the magic more enthusiastic for our hobby of photography every time. Travelling with the Rojas means joining a small group of friendly, serious photographers, being led to exclusive, well scouted locations, enjoying a carefree, excellently organised itinerary every day and being fed and housed in carefully chosen places, where your wellbeing is of highest priority.

Rafael is an outstanding artistic photographer who will assist and guide you where you desire his help but lets you do your thing as you choose, while Anca quietly keeps the strings in her hands so that nothing goes off track or is missing. After a week you feel like leaving a family.

L. Xingzhou, China

Rafael and Anca have a special philosophy in both photography and travel, which makes their trips very different from some other photo trips on the market. They minimize time spent on road and create an immersion experience in a relatively small area, encouraging you to be creative rather than chasing classic but cliche photo spots one after another. In short, if you like the style of Rafael's photography, I think you will also like the style of his trips and benefit from them. In addition, Rafael and Anca's humor, enthusiasm and attention to details, especially on the non-photographic aspects like food and accommodation, together make their trips an unforgettable experience. As an Asian, I never felt any cultural barrier when travelling with them. In fact, at the end of each trip, most of their clients, coming from various cultural backgrounds, became dear friends and would return to their trips again and again.

A. Seidell, Holland

I have done several trips with Rafael and Anca, each one of them totally perfect. It’s impressive how Rafael knows the perfect timings for photography in all those different environments. The organisation of all trips have been excellent and with the support of Anca we were always spoiled with hot cocoa and sweets to make up for cold and winterly circumstances. I have learned a lot from Rafael and he keeps me motivated to keep taking pictures and each time the bar is raised a little. Besides all the perfect logistics, nice accommodations, good food, excellent photography lessons they are lovely people. It’s a sheer pleasure to go on holiday with them.

O.Loschinina, Russia

These guys are doing what they love, and they are the best at doing it.
They can turn what you are used to seeing inside out, and show you the world otherwise. They have a completely different eye!
Nowhere else you can get such an experience...

A. Franklin, USA

Whether a novice or serious photographer, Rafael and Anca masterfully meet each participants needs. I am continually inspired by Rafael's passion for his craft and his unique ability and desire to share his considerable knowledge. It is a gift. Rafael and Anca are the consummate hosts. I left enriched, fulfilled, made some fantastic photographs, and now have memories that will last a lifetime.

If you are interested in elevating your photography to another level, I would highly recommend spending some time with Rafael. He is a true artist, has a very unique approach and vision from visualization to the digital darkroom and has the amazing ability to communicate and teach in a very articulate manner. His passion is contagious; it was an incredible photographic learning experience. I am looking forward to our next private workshop next summer!

Y. Curchod, Switzerland

Rafael and Anca are jovial, methodical, multilingual and determined organizers, with enormous attention to detail and always striving for perfection, radiating a positive atmosphere. Rafael's photographic eye and qualities as a patient teacher have deeply contributed to the improvement of my photographic work, not only in the field, but also at post-processing. A total success!

ME. Glasson, Switzerland

Unforgettable photo-trip, not only for the places chosen by Rafael but for his top-notch organization ! Incredible accommodation in lodges ideally placed to maximize the photographic opportunities. Rafael knew how to pass on to us his passion for photography and his detailed knowledge about all places we photographed. The photographic tuition was perfectly integrated into the different photographic sessions in a very practical way, without it becoming too academic or theoretical !

A.Edwards, Trinidad & Tobago

Rafael and Anca create a learning and supportive environment during participation on Photo Trips. Rafael keeps you focused on developing your individuality as a photographer and his choice of locations facilitates deep and meaningful connection to the landscape. The experience is rewarding and stimulating.

N. Barbalics, Hungary

While in the Hebrides there were hard circumstances because of the steady wind and frequent rain but Rafael and Anca always knew where to find the best locations with the best photographic conditions so we could see the many faces of the island.

Although Rafael provided us in-depth knowledge, from the clean compositions to the conscious post-processing, the most important thing that we could learn from him was how to take pictures from the heart and soul.

N. Bohny, Switzerland

To spend a few days with you was like being on holidays with good friends, while at the same time getting into a really deep learning experience about photography. I enjoyed very much how we could tackle all different stages of the photographic process, from the concept to the shooting and then the critical review and analysis of the photographs. I could ask all the questions I wanted, even the banal ones and even several times the same one! We have really made the most of the available time, when I got home I was really tired but happy. You two are really friendly and really committed, I deeply enjoyed your enthusiasm! 

B. Dupas, Switzerland

Breathtaking landscapes, unbelievable lodges, a perfect organization... Rafael and Anca have offered us a magical photo-trip, out of this time, which remains with you long after it is finished...
Sharing a couple of weeks with a group of strangers is always a tricky thing...but not a problem at all with Rafael and Anca, who knew how to create a great ambiance in the group and foster the complicity of all its members. In terms of photography, the sheer variety of the places chosen by Rafael, his permanent implication and his effective photographic tuition elevated the quality of this experience to a higher level.

I have attended to many workshops with Rafael and Anca in the last couple of years. In all of them, the choice of the places, the organization, the instruction and the great ambiance created by Rafael and Anca have made a difference, turning these events into very special and enlightening experiences. To be consumed without any moderation and with a lot of pleasure!

Y. & R. Hick, Belgium

The itinerary, the places and the timing chosen by Rafael and Anca for this photo-trip made it border on the sublime. Rafael and Anca's attention to detail turned this trip into an unforgettable experience. Congratulations and thanks so much to both of you.

J. Epars, Switzerland

Mind-boggling landscapes, an unforgettable group of people, lots of laughs, a perfect organization of the trip and magical souvenirs which made this photo-trip unforgettable! A huge thank you to Rafael and Anca for all these magical moments and see you again!

D.Meylan, Switzerland

I had several times the chance to travel with Rafael and Anca. Each time, the choice of destinations, the quality of the stewardship and the professionalism are of first quality, and all that in a warm and friendly atmosphere ... The knowledge, the encouragement and the contagious good humor of Rafael are for me, the Best way to find the artist who is sleeping in oneself. Your contagious enthusiasm and your continuous good mood at all moments were extremely motivating. I encourage you to keep on the good work and I would be looking forward to joining you again in a future photo-trip.

J. Van Marcke, Belgium

The photo immersion trip was an exceptional experience. Due to the very small group size everyone receives a very personal attention to develop his photographic skills, not only on the field but also the critique sessions and post processing where very helpful. Not only the professionalism of Rafael, but also the other aspects of the trip such as the choice of diversity in shooting locations, the excellent lodging facilities and food, the personal attention of Anca for the “non- photographic” needs of everyone of us, the humor and group dynamism with which Rafael and Anca fuel everyone’s enthusiasm are the extra assets that made this trip unforgettable. Believe me, these people are 200% engaged and passionate in what they do ! I am really looking forward to go on another trip with them.

J.S. Jacquet, France

The photo-trip was a real success, with lots of unforgettable moments, both photographing and with the rest of the group. Rafael and Anca are a dream team for this kind of photographic trips. They are always surpassing your needs and expectations, with top-notch photographic coaching and a wonderful kindness.

J. Cognard, France

Not only is Rafael a very talented photographer, but he also knows how to coach and foster his participants' photographic work. His enthusiastic passion for photography is highly contagious! A top-notch photographic trip! Thanks so much to both of you! I am looking forward to seeing you again.

L. Thomas, USA

Rafael took care to tailor his workshop to the needs of each participant, independent of their level. I felt he spent the necessary time with me and always came around to proactively ask and SEE how I was doing. I never felt alone or abandoned. He was sincerely interested in insuring each participant came out with great photographs.

Rafael knew where to take us and when, as he read the weather continually.  I would say that was one of the things that was of best value for me on this trip.  Also, he was very open and available for help if I needed it.

The accommodations they found for us were wonderful, excellent location, comfortable and very cozy.  The food was superb.  

I have been to many photo trips and this one was definitely one of the best, specially in terms of the possibilities for outstanding photography.  Rafael really does take you to spectacular settings.  The rest is really up to us and our abilities, but he does help us to “see” more possibilities than just the obvious.  As I reflect back on my week with Rafael, I truly think he has helped me train my eyes to see more simply.  I feel I am more demanding and selective in what I choose to photograph.

J. Stern, USA

The workshop provided me with an intensive, exciting, and highly personal experience. It taught me a lot about landscape photography and technical and aesthetic aspects of photography. It helped me to "see" in a different way, both at the time of taking the photograph and in looking at my pictures after. Rafael and Anca were always attentive to each of our individual needs and delightful company. They set the tone for a warm and fun learning and social experience.

J. Thies, Germany

I’ve been going with Anca and Rafa on photo trips for many years and have never been disappointed. Their enthusiasm is contagious and their professionalism helps a lot to make you a better photographer. They choose locations that are in and by themselves pure magic and I had a number of once in a lifetime moments with them. Anca and Rafael are one of the two friendliest people I know and their good sense of humour makes the trips with them very pleasant. Going out on a trip with Rafael is one of the most rewarding photographic experiences because he readily shares his ample knowledge and experience which will almost certainly make you a better photographer.

S.Bongard, Switzerland

Rafael has made me feel his passion about photography in a way that no other photographer has never done! He really spurred on me the will to learn, always giving away without limitation! Bravo and thanks so much!

P. Fontana, USA

This was my first trip with Anca and Rafael and I found the experience way beyond my anticipation. These are genuinely good people. The effort they put to the details of organization and personal attention to each person in the group provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere during the whole time. Not only is Rafael a great artist but he is also a very patient and attentive teacher. I highly recommend a trip with these folks, so much so that I have already signed up for another trip next year.

J. Bognar, Hungary

I thought this photo tour would be a good one, but indeed it's been one of the best, probably the best one, I have ever taken part. Your professionalism is exceptional, the way you treat and give support to every participant is outstanding. Its been a pleasure to me to have the talks with you about photography. On top of this, Anca's attention to all details has been superior. Thanks to her too!

All the best to you and to Anca. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

J. Erskin, South Africa

We were very impressed with the meticulous way in which Rafael attended to the selection of photographic locations and Anca dealt with the logistical side of the trip. We found Rafael and Anca to be delightful companions and, by the end of the trip, real friends. It became apparent during the various image capture sessions, as well as during the image processing sessions, that the secret of Rafael’is very evident expertise is his remarkable attention to detail.

M. Cretegny, Switzerland

Going on a trip with Rafael and Anca is a way of living a photographic adventure off the beaten track, in complete serenity in search of ideally chosen magical places, visited when conditions are the best for photography. You will enjoy excellent quality tuition in the field and during the post-processing sessions, both in group and one-on-one. If you value a good sense of humor and being listened to, then you will be well served with these organizers who understand that not everything is photography!

P. Conesa, Spain

For me it has been an unforgettable trip, surpassing even my expectations. In front of landscapes like the ones we have visited you almost forget to use the camera, so absorbed you are contemplating them!
As a photographic experience this photo-trip has helped me to reflect and seek a more intimate photography, more emotional and personal. Like Rafael says, I try now to look for photographs within my photographs.

N. Capitan, Switzerland

Thank you Rafael for all this shared knowledge, for your enthusiasm, your good sense of humor and your professionalism! This week was a real immersion. I learned a lot, met enthusiasts of photography and nature, all in a very friendly atmosphere. Thanks Anca for being so attentive with us! See you soon for other adventures. I am a total fan!

S. Patel, New Zealand

This was my first photo trip and the experience provided by Rafael and Anca was one that has inspired me to go more.  I traveled from the other side of the world (New Zealand) to reach Lofoten  with no expectations in my mind as to what I would see and feel.  

I found the overall learning experience very valuable, challenging my own style of photography and bettering my understanding of processing techniques. Rafael has an amazing eye for structuring photos and he shows you shots that are easily missed by the untrained eye. I would certainly recommend attending one of Rafael’s photo trips.