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15th - 21st October 2019

Places available



  • Place: Engadin, Switzerland

  • Dates: 15th - 21st October 2019

  • Places Available

  • Group size: 4p (min) to 6p (max)

  • Price: 3'500 CHF

  • Deposit: 1’500 CHF

  • Single room & all meals included

  • Exertion Level: Easy 

  • Photo level: All

  • Languages: English



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Switzerland at the best

In autumn, the alpine landscape becomes truly marvellous for the photographer, as the larches are clothed in yellow, orange and rust, strongly contrasting with the cobalt blue of the sky and the glinting glaciers. This is particularly true in the Engadin area, known as Engiadina in Romansh (“Garden of the Inn River”), in the Graubünden canton. This area, where the old Romance language Romansch is still spoken, is still wild at heart, and is indeed one of the last places where bears and wolves can still be occasionally found in the Swiss Alps. This area is also home to the only National Park in Switzerland and the largest protected area in the country. 

The Engadin area is like a Switzerland in miniature. The concentration of mountains, forests, lakes, glaciers and picturesque villages is at its highest here. During our photo-immersion trip, we will photograph snow-capped mountains reflected in the mysterious waters of misty lakes, glinting glaciers, legendary alpine passes, the imposing summits of Bernina, Piz Palü and Argient, vast forests of larches and conifers, castles perched above the valleys, typical villages with wonderful architecture, etc…

During the last week of October, the weather conditions tend to be very favourable for landscape photography. It is in this period when the “Indian summer” is likely to occur, providing mild temperatures, frequent sunny spells and a crisp and clear atmosphere frequently associated with amazing light conditions at sunrise and sunset. It is at this time that the first frost turns the grass into glinting jewels in the valley, and the early snow dusts the mountain summits, providing a wonderful juxtaposition to the autumn colours in the vast forests. 

In autumn, the alpine landscape becomes truly marvellous for the photographer, as the larches are clothed in yellow, orange and rust, strongly contrasting with the cobalt blue of the sky and the glinting glaciers.

Highlights of this Trip


Photograph misty lakes at sunrise, dramatic peaks at sunset, glinting glaciers, valleys covered with colourful forests and photogenic villages perched in the mountains   


Photograph the first snow of the year. Towards the end of October, early morning frost covers the plains and the first snow dusts the mountain summits, contrasting beautifully with the colourful autumn hues


Discover the beauty of autumn in the Alps, when the whole landscape changes and larches turn golden, yellow and orange. In this season, the Engadin region becomes a real jewel for photographers





Rafael Rojas (Master Hasselblad 2014, MA Photography, ARPS) is a Swiss-Spanish fine art photographer, author and lecturer whose work frequently focuses on concepts like time, decay and renewal, the raw latent energy found in the landscape and the ephemeral qualities of existence. He strives to encapsulate concept, emotion and spirituality in his work.    

Rafael has been involved in teaching since he was in his teens, and well before he took a camera for the first time. First helping out young students, then teaching undergrads and later on as a University lecturer. Nowadays, as a full time professional photographer, lecturer, author and creativity mentor, he deeply enjoys helping other photographers grow as artists, slow down and look at the world with different eyes.

He is the founder of the online Photo Shool "Photography with Intent", A unique, comprehensive and structured one year course devoted to the whole photographic process from message to print.

Rafael is also co-owner and co-director of “Platinum Press Editions”, an independent finer art photography publishing company devoted to the creation of photography books of the highest quality.

Rafael speaks English, French, Spanish, Romanian and Italian.



Anca Minican, the partner of Rafael Rojas, provides a very special touch to all our photographic workshops and trips.  Trained as an architect, she is a true lover of nature and the wilderness and always accompanies Rafael on his photographic expeditions all over the planet. 

Her broad experience in the corporate world, her professionalism and her methodical and serious approach make her a valuable asset for the organization, on-site logistics and the support to customers during our workshops and photographic trips. She also plays a key role in the team building and knows how to create an amicable environment with a personal touch as all our clients can testify! 

Anca is co-owner and co-founder of “Platinum Press Editions”, an exclusive editorial house specialized in the creation of unique fine art photography books of the highest quality. She is also part of the management staff of the Photo Shool “Photography with Intent”.

She speaks English, Spanish, French, Italian and Romanian.





Top of the class

Small groups, all inclusive, daily critique sessions and full support by two leaders


All inclusive. All included. All first class.

Single Occupancy accommodation in an exclusive typically swiss hotel in Pontresina, all meals, three course dinners, two leaders, small group... and a little surprise at the end of the workshop at more than 3'000 meters!


Matching light and mood with the place

Being Swiss, Rafael and Anca know the place like the back of their hands. They will make sure you get to know the best kept secrets of one of the most traditional, authentic and wild regions of Switzerland: Graubunden. You will get to photograph some of the most intimate, hidden and magical places of the area.


Learning with the best

One of the main activities of Rafael Rojas is tea­ching, writing and lecturing about creative and expressive landscape photography. As a former university lecturer, author of the series of books "Photography with Intent" and monthly columnist for several magazines, Rafael will surely help you go home being a better photographer.



For those looking for a warm, friendly, fun, inspiring and photographically stimulating trip with exceptional people and one of the best landscape photographers anywhere, one need look no further.
— David Driman, Canada


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
— Mark Twain
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