During this MasterCOURSE you will receive many hours of personalized guidance and feedback from your tutor, with many hours of videos that your tutor will prepare analyzing and assessing your Practical Assignments.

Already at the beginning of the course you will have a One-to-One meeting with your tutor, where he will review your Portfolio and assess the next steps directly with you. Then, throughout the course, you will apply what you have learned by means of several Practical Assignments (PA) that will cover the whole creative process, from message to print. Upon submission of each Practical Assignment, you will receive a personalized Video Assessment (VA) from your tutor, that will provide you with feedback, guidance, and support.

We know you might also need to ask a few things or clarify some aspects during the MasterCOURSE. For this reason, as a student of the MasterCOURSE you are entitled, free of charge, to 6 slots of 15 minutes of One-to-One live discussion with your tutor, throughout the 24 months that you have to complete the MasterCOURSE.

In order to book this time, use the scheduler here below to see the availability of Rafael Rojas and arrange your appointments.

Additional One-to-One booking form

If on top of the allotted One-to-One time with your tutor, you would need still more, you can book extra time at a “pay-as-you-need” basis.

One-to-one consultation will be charged in periods of 15 minutes, for a cost of 40 CHF / 15 minutes (around 40 USD / 15 minutes).

Please fill in the booking form below. Once received, we will answer you back with availabilities for meeting online.